How to get to Camazotz Finca by land, air, or sea

We are very central in the Yucatan Peninsula. Away from the major concrete jungle. 

Here's a variety of options to help you reach us. 

From Airports to Valladolid

Merida Airport: Route on Google Map (2 hrs 15 mins)

Cancun Airport: Route on Google Map (2hrs 30 mins)

Chicken Itza Airport: Route on Google Map (40 mins)

From Valladolid 

The journey by car from Valladolid is about 35 mins:

  • First via highway to Temozon
  • A right turn at the big red church into a long winding road that goes past X-Uch (a little village)
  • Continuing along a country road with thick trees
  • Until you arrive at this sign shown below (in front of an open field). 

It's easier than it sounds. Basically it's one road from Valladolid to Temozon, a right turn, then straight until you arrive at the property. 

Turn onto that access road and drive up to the end of the road just another few minutes to arrive at the property. 

by Taxi

Via Taxi you can either go all the way to the property (easiest but might cost 350 pesos) or a Collective as below.

by Colectivo

A colectivo is a shared taxi. Available from Valladolid to Temozon and takes about 12 minutes. Cost is 30 pesos per person as of December 2022. Click here to open the google map location

At the front of the parking lot there are two benches. Colectivos come through semi regularly and when there are four people ready to go to Temozon the colectivo leaves. 

The colectivo will drop you off in front of Temozon Iglesia (church) where you will see tricycle moto-taxis on the other side of the road in front of the town square, looking something like this: 

Take a moto-taxi to X-Uch central square ("Vamos a X-uch en la plaza central"). It takes about 10 minutes. 

We will meet you there for the final part of the journey into the jungle. But only if we know what time you arrive. 

IMPORTANT: There is ZERO phone signal in X-Uch, and not that much in Temozon either. If you forget to arrange a collection time with us ahead of time, go to the Modelorama (convenience store situated in front of the main square) and ask if they can send a message on WhatsApp to "Gavriel at the Finca next to Grandfather Anastasio's house" (Finca de Gavriel, a lado abuelo Anastasio) at +447449855963

by Camazotz Shuttle

Alternatively we can collect you all the way from Valladolid for 250 pesos (up to 4 adults), if arranged way ahead of time.