Temazcal Ceremony

Cleansing ceremonies conducted by an experienced Temazcal guide.

Please Note: We have not yet completed construction of our own Temazcal. We can currently book a Temazcal in the local area. Please ask us for current details. 

The Temazcal at Camazotz Cohaven

Built for safety and exploration, the Temazcal ceremony combines a hot stone sauna experience with ceremonial singing, and sometimes some personal stories from participants. 


The heat of the Temazcal sauna helps cleanse your skin and stimulates your circulation. 


The overall experience is invigorating and depending on your personal intentions, a Temazcal ceremony can help renew your emotional well-being. 


Some participate in a Temazcal for spiritual awakening. 

A lot can be discovered in the deep dark heat of a Temazcal surrounded by the sounds of ceremonial music.