Camazotz Cohaven

Community-Driven Hospitality & Co-Living in Yucatan Mexico

Sponsor Our Development

Funding for Camazotz Collective has come from a few small gift donations and 2 main patrons: 

In Jan 2022 we had enough funds to build big and fast.

Crypto Winter decimated our treasury.

Now we could do with help from various grants, patrons, crowdfunders, and donors.

Next year we aim to launch several asset classes (something along the lines of NFTs) to provide access benefits to token holders. 

For now though, we need to build our basic infrastructure as best as we can to prepare for the variety of guests, events and experiences that Camazotz Collective needs to provide to fulfill our purpose. 

Here's Gavriel doing a bit of dirty work at Camazotz HQ — as we literally start from grass roots: 

Your financial contributions can make a gigantic difference in our progress as a physical destination of merit for like-minds.

We are seeking a balance of nature, good health, and modern efficiencies. The outcome will be a quality location that many hundreds of people will visit to explore regenerative community development — which may be key to our collective future. 

We can receive donations via PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Crypto. Choose from the projects you want to help fund, in part or in whole. Camazotz Collective will be eternally grateful.

Here are some key project areas that need funding: 

Super Adobe Dome Homes: $50k

Possibly the lowest cost sustainable housing structure that can withstand the odd hurricane or two (Yucatan Mexico has them from time to time). 

At a cost of approximately $5k each we can build a long-lasting naturally cooled 'dome home' for guests including washroom (shower, sink and toilet)

Our goal is to have 10 of them available for Camazotz Finca visitors. 

Green House & Aeroponics: $10k 

Growing food in the hot jungle is hard work, especially when we want 100% organic. Modern innovation has a new approach to growing healthy fruit and veg without the need for any soil at all. Just organic mineral solutions circulated via... well, take a look at this.  

In the varied Yucatan climate (sometimes humid, sometimes dry, usually hot) we can grow quality organic food (away from bugs) inside the environment of a green house, including raised bed vegetable garden and aeroponic towers (which conserves water by recycling it through the towers water sprinklers and requires no soil).

$10k will set up us with a sturdy green house structure and enough aeroponic towers and garden beds to produce food for the foreseeable future for our guests.

Mayan Temazcal: $5k 

A traditional style sauna house built with bricks, natural cement and plaster, with a large pit in the centre for hot stones. Used across Mexico for cleansing ceremonies. 

Food Forest: $6k

Our goal is to revive the natural state of the jungle throughout the property while planting as many types of fruit tree as suits the climate. 

1,000 trees will produce an abundance of food in the coming years for a perpetual harvest of quality fruit free of pesticides. We need to refertilizes the soil with organic fertilizer, adding minerals and mulch to support healthy growth. 

We also need an irrigation system that can conserve water while saving manual labour of constant watering and provide the food forest with the water it needs for optimum growth within the hot jungle climate.

More Solar Power: $20k

We intend to be as 100% off-grid using renewable energy as much as possible and electric power is a big part of that.

To date we've had 1 panel to power cabin lighting. We've just ordered a modern solar station with 4 x 400w panels.

The more power we have on site the more equipment we can run, more facilities we can use (clothes washer, kitchen appliances such as a fridge freezer, our water well which pumps water from 40 feet, air conditioners, lights, etc.) and thus the more people we can accommodate with comfort.

Solar panels and batteries are expensive at first, but work out to be economical after... say 10 years!! 

Tractor: $25k

We thought we'd try excavating and dragging things along by hand... but soon realized 40+ hectares of land deserves some decent equipment. 

This tractor comes recommended by one of our Canadian supporters who has the same one on his property. 

Excavate The Cave: $25k

The photo shows the mouth of a cave that we have on site. We have no idea how large it is and intend to not only find out, but to excavate the entire thing, converting it into an underground facility for events.

Perhaps we'll even find water (common in the Yucatan) so we can have our very own cenote (a giant cave with a natural pool of water). There are many dozens of cenotes throughout the Yucatan and very popular tourist attractions). 

Bio Pool: $10k

A naturally cleaned pool without any use of chlorine or other chemicals. Not an easy thing to achieve but a wonder to behold. We'll be excavating the area, laying the foundation, adding the water purifying plants, and filling it with water... so that we can all go for a swim!  

Ticket Donation for Event Weeks: $500 pp

Our event co-ordinator, Yoga teacher and Temazcal ceremony guide attends a week of service each year to help a spiritual event run smoothly. 

Attendees are invited to make a donation at the conclusion of the event in order to help fund the costs for future attendees.

We want to provide a similar opportunity for those less fortunate who will benefit from our program of event weeks but can't afford the ticket themselves.

Your donations will be put towards covering the costs of inviting people who apply for our event grants or those coming to provide service to guests. 

Future Funding

In time we will have a treasury managed by members of our co-living cooperative.

This includes an economic cooperative with micro-business and brand extensions conducted at Camazotz Collective owned or licensed properties, or online such as merchandise e-commerce stores. 

Ideas for micro-businesses including tour guides, spa/gym, therapies, games, cafe, hand crafts, coaching, education, and so on. 

To get there, we need to build the basics to begin a small co-living community and attract tourism with paying guests. 

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