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Hospitality & Co-Living With Nature

From jungle vibes to creature comforts 

The Camazotz Experience

An Authentic Mayan Cultural Experience — Visit Camazotz Finca near Valladolid for an... 

Transience is a right of passage. Do your thing at Camazotz Finca with Starling Satellite Internet...

For short breaks or long stays, surround your self with nature. 

Chichen Itzá is just 45 minutes drive from the property, and Ek Balam just 30 minutes. Bask in the glory of...

Yes that's right. We have a real bat cave on site, and we use it for personal transformative challenges and meditations...

Temazcal ceremonies conducted by experienced guides. The...

Mayan Culinary Experience, Hand-Made Tortilla Class

Accommodation Immersed In Nature

From Weekend Getaways to Long-Stay Escapes

Mayan Cabaña

Shared Facilities

Clean drinkable water from 45 meters below ground level, refreshing shower units, solar power to recharge your devices, and open air evening fires. We're making improvements all the time and invite you to experience our progress thus far. 

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Camazotz Finca

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Camazotz en la Finca San Luis, Hacia El Oriente, Terraceria desde X-uch, Km.4.5, Temozón, , Yucatan, 97743, Mexico

Tel: 55 3986 3119

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some Q&A to help you decide if Camazotz is the right place for your next adventure. 

What does Camazotz mean?

In Maya mythology, Camazotz is a bat god. In Mesoamerica, the bat is associated with night, death, and sacrifice. Camazotz means "death bat" in the Kʼicheʼ language. A Mexican artist, Kimbal, created a ‘Batman Camazotz’ sculpture which has achieved cult fame. 

Is it comfortable?

We can't say the Yucatan Jungle is always as comfortable as your cosy space at home... but we are working hard to make it hospitable as a home for our own team as we learn how to build a mix of real-world jungle experience along with modern conveniences and some peaceful natural surroundings.

Is it pricey?

We aim to provide hospitality options no matter your budget, from long-term backpackers to romantic weekend celebrations, at Camazotz Finca you could 'camp' in a hammock between palm trees or stay in one of our air-cooled private cabañas (Maya style, glass glamping style, or geo dome style). Hopefully we have something that suits your budget and sense of adventure.   

Is there much to do?

Camazotz Finca is centrally located with a wide variety of destinations near by. On the Finca itself we focus on a healthy and relaxed atmosphere, with regeneration projects including permaculture for organic food, new structures for guests, and special events and ceremonies such as the Temazcal and Bat Cave ceremonies. 

Is it easy to get to?

Just 30 minutes drive from the Valladolid (the centrally located ancient capital of the Yucatan) or about 2 hours from Merida or Cancun or Playa del Carmen. Plenty of transport available, low cost local taxis (we can also arrange for group transport), borrow one of our bicycles while you're here or rent an ATV. Temozon is a small Maya town just 15 minutes away. 

A Unique Experience For All who dare to visit

Camazotz Cohaven Feedback

"When I came across the nature reserve in early 2022 I felt a perspective of peace that could make this a safehaven for truth seekers, health enthusiasts, and crypto activists, alike. A place of rebirth. I felt the presence of Camazotz himself!" 

Gavriel from London UK

"Si lo recomiendo esta muy lindó un lugar ecológico y se la pasa bien rico puntación 10"

Translation: "Yes I recommend it, it's very cute, ecological place and you have a good time, score 10"

Jorge Kauffman from Mexico City

"The property is both stunning and wild and my biggest regret is that I did not familiarise myself with more wildlife while I was there. I met some amazing people and had lots of laughs too. The highlight for me was the close proximity to the Mayan neighbours and having the privilege to be welcomed into their world"

Emma from UK, Dec '22

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Hospitality in nature


A place to enjoy nature, build community experience, and explore your sense of adventure. 

augmented experiences


Retreats, Events, Tours, and Guided Challenges — here at Camazotz Country Estate, or virtually via online experiences.

co-living community


A new frontier in human experience, with smart tech living mixed with the biodiversity of a nature reserve. 

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