Retreats In Tulum, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, & Valladolid

With our network around Yucatan we keep in touch with the best, most authentic retreat experiences in the peninsula.

We're biased about Valladolid — the location we chose to steward 45 hectares of land and provide retreats deep in the heart of the Yucatan jungle.

But there are also retreat locations to be recognized in Tulum, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen too.

Retreats by Location

Tulum Retreats

Tulum is a popular base for many retreats. You’ll find high-end luxury options for yoga, meditation, wellness, and more.

Lots of options, lots of participants, lots of tourism.

Cancun Retreats

Cancun is a popular spot for beach-side holidaymakers. A few shoppibg areas. a few night ckubs. a few high priced restaurants. Not the best vibe for retreats.

Play del Carmen Retreats

Our favorite retreat leader in PDC is Andrea who leads women's circles on sexuality and providers sound therapy experiences that will cause your inner sensations to resonate in ways you couldn't imagine.

Valladolid Retreats

Less options but more of a unique experience away from the hustle bustle of the same old beaten path in Cancun or Tukum.

Valladolid offers an authentic retreat haven with its cosy size, gorgeous plaza, and easy access to Camazotz Finca.

Types of Retreat in Yucatan

Yoga Retreat

Authentic Yoga is far beyond awkward poses and stretching. there are countless yoga teachers in Yucatan. We being you the best.

Wellness Retreat

Wellness retreats in Yucatan range from 5-star luxury pampering to deep energetic detoxes using a very wide range of therapies and experiences.

Spiritual Retreat

Tapping into realms beyond the norm, searching for new gates to spiritual ascension, spiritual retreats give you an opportunity to tap into deeper… inner… or is it higher dimensions… exploring energetics and values, reflections and passions, to align our selves with higher purpose — no matter what that means to you personally.

There are numerous flavors of spiritual retreat to explore in Yucatan. Camazotz Retreats focuses on the dual themes of shadow work transformation and maximizing vitality (spiritual through to physical).

Meditation Retreat

Whether it be group meditations or private sanctuary meditations, Yucatan has every type of meditation retreat you might need. Our own meditation retreat involves a small limestone cave with ornaments and incense that will help guide your energies to deeply centered mental and emotional space for transformative meditation.

Women's Retreat

To honor and nourish the feminine divine, the Yucatan hosts regular women's retreats. We particularly recommend Love Flow Andrea.

Retreats at Camazotz Finca, Valladolid

We're just about 2 hours drive from Tulum and expect to become a premier retreat centre over the coming years. Check out our current retreat program at and we hope to see you soon.

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