Glamping In Yucatan Mexico (near Valladolid, Tulum, Cancun)

Some people opt for a glamping experience that's… a little easier to reach.

Tucked away behind some of the hustle and bustle, a big tent can be pitched almost everywhere.

But we chose a different path… far off the well trodden tourism path of Tulum, Playa del Carmen or dare we even mention Cancun (concrete jungle).


We choose real jungle. Just a 30 minute drive from the gorgeous colonial town of Valladolid (if it's not already on your travel plan it really really should be).

Camazotz Finca is literally in the Mayan Jungle. Our neighbors are Mayan and live an authentically mayan lifestyle, close to nature, with their own farm.

Our glamping guests have access to Mayan cooking and hospitality.

Our glamping tents are progressing step-by-step with new artisanal woodwork furniture — and a choice of bed arrangements depending on your requirements.

But the reason to come all the way into the depth of the Yucatan jungle is for the immersion in raw nature.


The sound of birds and the vibrant hot sun by day. Then a sound of singing frogs by night with crystal clear sky's and twinkling stars. Completely free of the light or noise pollution from cities. 45 hectares (70 soccer pitches) of nature reserve. Pathways to explore. An aviary with chickens and ducks. Fruit and vegetable gardens constantly in development. Cool evenings to relax besides a campfire and a peaceful slumber at night. 

We'll have more to share soon but head on over to the accommodations page to see what's currently available.

And explore the site to get a sense of the raw nature you can explore when you glamp at Camazotz.

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CAMAZOTZ FINCA — closer than you think

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Camazotz en la Finca San Luis, Hacia El Oriente, Terraceria desde X-uch, Km.4.5, Temozón, , Yucatan, 97743, Mexico

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