Super Adobe Dome Home Construction in Yucatan Mexico

Super Adobe construction produces weather proof structures (wind resistant, cool interiors) with low cost materials.

The process involves long narrow bags (the same material as sand bags)

Specially designed Super Adobe sacks (long and narrow)

A mix of the local earth plus cement (various specific guidelines are available) are layered with barb wire between each layer.

It doesn’t look too pretty mid-way through construction:

But the end result can be absolutely stunning, as well as highly practical for small dome homes, larger homes, or extended multi-part structures.

With stunning interiors.

And here’s a render by a Mexican architect that we hope to hire in the near future!

Check out our programs page for any upcoming Super Adobe construction courses as Camazotz Finca pursues our goal for dozens of artistically finished Super Adobe buildings.

Learn more about Super Adobe construction from Cal Earth.

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