Fantastic Futures Week

Fantastic Futures Week

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You missed out!

Startup Incubator lead and founder advisor for launch strategy and investor management. 


Build the future that we all need. 


Here we deep dive into the depths of our minds and spirits to work on psychological sticking points that hold us back from living our potential. 

Through a series of group workshops and coaching you will analyze all areas of your life, create an emotionally mature action plan for the future, and test your resilience (inside the bat cave). 

startup incubator

Got a startup project and want to take it to the next level? Here's your chance to get professional training as used by dozens of startups and delivered by a VC fund. 

The program includes hard truths about: customer development, go-to-market strategy, financial modeling, fund raising, team building, investor pitch decks, product roadmap, and more. 

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The Venue

Camazotz Finca is a nature reserve in Yucatan Mexico spread over 45 hectares (110 acres) where ecotourists have camped over the past 15-years to learn about and enjoy the natural environment.

Our Values


Renewing humanity's strategies for resource management, community care, and alignment with our beautiful biosphere. 


The peacefulness of living in harmony with nature; amidst the sway of trees, the sound of birds, the cycles of the sun and moon, and the daily rhythm of off-grid life in the jungle.


Away from the toxins of city-life we are nurturing an environment to support maximum human vitality, from pure foods, to physical labour, to rest and play in nature.


A global awakening is fast afoot with higher-minded  expression through art, energy, and synergy. 


Beyond the collective we are also very much individuals with unique needs and boundaries to be guarded with all our might.


Caring connections for shared experience, mutual support, unbridled joy, and the next stage of humanity's evolution towards becoming supercivilized.

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Trainers & Facilitators 

Our past, present and future guides.


Resilience Coach & Startup Advisor 

HearthMath and mBIT certified resilience and depth coach for personal transformation. Advisor to web3 startup founders. 


Healer & Therapist

Training facilitator for therapists.
Creator of programs, events and workshops for personal development and spiritual growth.

Maria Vega

Spiritual Seeker & Teacher

Bilingual professional sonotherapist, Akashic Records reader, and enthusiast of conscious breathing with more than 4 years of experience in different techniques of alternative medicine.


Ecotourism Guide

Tony founded the nature conserve which is now the home of Camazotz Finca. Tony has a wealth of knowledge about the flora (plants) and fauna (animals) that inhabit the 45 hectares of jungle property. 

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Balance In All Things

We aim to strike the right balance between effort and rest, focus and down time, energy and education. Join us for just a week or a full month of programs that will edutain, renew, and transform. 


We blend education with entertainment. Our hands-on approach mixes realities between nature, digital tech, community connection, and your inner attention. Expect to focus hard through the event schedule while we find time and space to have a lot of fun too.


We all need to reset every once in a while. Camazotz Finca is the perfect off-grid location to really and truly get away from it all. We are in a remote area in a registered nature reserve that lets you rediscover your connection to the true rhythm of life, no matter which of our event programs you choose. 


You will not leave Camazotz Finca the same person. Our programs, the environment, our facilitators, and our land stewards, ensures that you will have a transformative opportunity through solitary time, our event schedule, group experiences, and one-to-one conversations. 

Costs & Quality

We're aiming to find a good balance by keeping program pricing low enough to be accessible, yet still provide for the quality we all deserve, including experts trainers, materials, facilities, food, etc

Daily Schedule

We co-ordinate event sessions around feeding times and weather changes.

Depending on the exact program, something like a morning session, a mid-day break (11am to 3pm), and an afternoon session. 

We expect the daily schedule to suit the majority of attendees, and we're open to individual requirements (such as having online work that you need to attend to).

Plenty of time to rest, take a siesta, or sit around and share with fellow guests and program facilitators.


Hands-On, Bodies Engaged, Minds Open,  Adventurous Spirits

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food options?

A mix of options based on kitchen expertise at the time. In your booking let us know your preferences of vegan, vegetarian, and meat options. Bring your own stash of favorite foods for your own peace of mind. You're welcome to use the kitchen facilities we have available. Authentic mayan food is available from our neighbors for breakfast, lunch and dinner for just $5 per meal. 

sleeping arrangements? 

In the booking process you'll see our latest and currently available accommodation options, which includes large glamping tents (private or shared), a Mayan cabaña, and normal camping options (rent a tent or bring your own). 

Can I Get In Cheaper or donate a ticket to someone worthY?

Yes! We have a support program including donations and volunteering to find a balance between the economics of running our programs and the capacity that each person can provide in order to help.

Become a Camazotz Patron or Volunteer here.

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Summary of Events

See upcoming dates and details at the top of this page

Bliss & Balance Retreats

Yoga, Ayurveda, Temazcal Ceremonies, Gardening, Jungle Hikes, Meditations, Toning Exercise, Massage, and more. 

Biosphere & Bio-construction Courses

Super Adobe Training & Construction. Palapa re-modeling. Mayan Cabaña construction and maintenance. Tiny Homes, Hobit Homes, Tipi's, Bat Caves & A-Frames.

Various construction projects including: Temazcal (Stone or Plaster Walled Dome Sauna), Bio Swimming Pool, Green House and Aeroponics, Food Forestry, Aviary, and so on. 

Fantastic Futures Masterminds

Regenerative Community Education, Personal Awakening Workshops, Startup Incubators, DAO Planning, Network State Development, Team Building & Networking.