Camazotz Cohaven

Community-Driven Hospitality & Co-Living in Yucatan Mexico

Camazotz Campus

Learn Holistic Regeneration By Actually Doing It

Learn what it takes to survive and thrive away from the creative comforts of big cities. Join us for a 3 week or 3 month program — co-living with nature. 

  • 3 Week Program

  • 3 Month Program

3-week program

Permaculture - grow your own food, garden together, learn how to regenerate the Earth's soil, create an abundant food forest, eat healthy — and with almost zero cost

Co-living collaboration - learn methods of communication and governance that give everyone a voice in how things are managed while avoiding the typical conflict of 'communities'. Make life-long friendships that support your unique personality traits and passions — free of the narrow minded negativities of old acquaintances, so-called 'friends' and stubborn family from back home. 

Resilience training to help reset, forget, and move beyond old stresses and personal, physiological or emotional constraints. Just the fact of spending days in a natural setting helps soothe worn nerves. Our certified resilience coach will guide you through a series of experiences that can rebuild your nervous system stability and make you automatically more resilient to daily stress. Tools you can use for the rest of your life. 

The ins and outs of living most of your time in partial off-grid circumstances and how to have all the same creature comforts you have come to depend on. A few adjustments and you'll feel better living in rural conditions than you ever have done living in urban conditions — and you'll be able to easily choose which one is best for you with a long-term view. 


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