Bring Your Own Tent

Dedicated camping area surrounded by trees, just a few minutes walk from the shared public areas including toilet/showers and the open kitchen palapa.

Besides the kitchen, there are areas used for cooking fires.

At Camazotz, the jungle is all around you. Take a stroll through the paths and into the unchartered areas of jungle forest to explore.


Prices start at: $ 150 per night

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Rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 review. Natural Vibe
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CAMAZOTZ FINCA — closer than you think

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Camazotz en la Finca San Luis, Hacia El Oriente, Terraceria desde X-uch, Km.4.5, Temozón, , Yucatan, 97743, Mexico

Tel: 55 3986 3119

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