As our governing group develops, land ownership will be placed within a trust with appointed trustees to steward the property for a free and fair future. 

This will be done with the confidence that the purpose of Camazotz will be actualized: Co-living with nature to maximize human vitality. 

We are advocates of dynamic governance (socriocracy), decentralized governance (distributed decision making), and web3 governance (autonomous organizations). See

Our dream is to inspire the world with a clear demonstration of healthy living, economic and creative opportunity, and fair governance that stimulates larger-than-life joy and care-free feelings of peace. An 'Impossible Dream' within the current geopolitical decade from hell. Hence, the road ahead will be a long  adventure of discovery and determination. 

Our Initial Concept: 

We have off-grid jungle, we have water, we have organic fruits and veg, we have solar power, we have events, we have real Mayan neighbors who teach Mayan style cooking, we even have a bat cave.

Current status: 


The sound of birds and the vibrant hot sun by day. Then a sound of singing frogs by night with crystal clear sky's and twinkling stars. Completely free of the light or noise pollution from cities. 45 hectares (like 45 city blocks) of nature reserve. Pathways to explore. An aviary with chickens and ducks. Fruit and vegetable gardens constantly in development. Cool evenings to relax besides a campfire and a peaceful slumber at night. 

"The property is both stunning and wild" - Emma from UK, Dec '22

Below captures the journey so far. 

Camazotz Photo Gallery

  • Flora

  • Fauna

  • Facilities

  • Food

  • Fun

Camazotz Finca proves that dreams can become realities.

A place for healthy enjoyment of Mother Earth... personal growth... digital creativity... and everything in between. 

We are just now embarking on a total transformation of the property with new 'dome homes', public kitchen area, more solar power (for all those devices we need in modern life), plus StarLink Internet, a bio swimming pool, green house, and more. Check out the Support Us page for details of projects and how you could get involved. 

Visit our Roadmap Page (built with Notion) to see our publicly revealed next steps now in planning and in progress. Community members can get access to a bigger roadmap of things not covered here.

At exactly Wednesday 11 May 2022 at 11:11 with the decision just made to acquire the property, this sentence captures the leitmotif of Camazotz Finca: Cosmic Convergences. 

1. Grass Roots Phase

Objective: Home & Hospitality.

Camazotz serves as a home for its initial settlers to work on infrastructure and open Camazotz for basic hospitality.

2. Community Phase

Objective: Playground & Workground for Like-Minds

Camazotz becomes home to a core collaborative group who share a similar vision for the future of governance, health, and freedom. 

3. Beacon Phase

Objective: Popular Turnkey Blueprints 

Camazotz provides training of various kinds to projects around the world that share our philosophy towards local community governance and cutting-edge health.

The Pitch

City-life sucks — at least to many of us.
Creativity is hampered by daily life-chores and untold stresses.
Inflation is pinching — civil strife is rampant.

Many people want to move, travel, be free from the humdrum restrictions of their ‘home town’ — to change their life, at least for a while…

Camazotz provides a co-living safehaven and playground for short visits or longer-term stay in a tropical natural setting.